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From Führerredux Wiki

Welcome to the Führerredux Wiki!

The Führerredux Wiki is an encyclopedia about the Hearts of Iron IV mod, Führerredux. This mod explores an alternate timeline, in which the German Empire lost the First World War to the Entente. With the support of the United States led by Theodore Roosevelt, the Western Powers of France, Britain and Italy overcame the might of the Kaiser's seemingly unstoppable armies. In the wake of their defeat the Central Powers were divided and weakened by their neighbors, losing their Great Power status in the process.

The Entente triumph, however, did little to aid their Russian ally, which succumbed to civil unrest. The exorbitant cost of war against Germany propelled Russia into a full-scale Civil War, establishing the world's first Socialist state.

The 1920s ushered in a peaceful and prosperous era for most, but the 1930s saw the world teetering on the brink of another global conflict. The once-united Entente is now fractured, meanwhile, the SPU, continued to modernize and industrialize, unsettling the stability of Eastern Europe. Adding to the unease, the defeated Germany fell under the sway of a far-right nationalist ideology known as "Valkism".

As 1936 dawns, German "Führer" Adam Dressler calls for radical change in Europe, determined to secure Germany's position as one of Europe's Great Powers, employing any means necessary. The world stands on the precipice, and the stage is set for a tumultuous future.

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Number of uploaded files: 24
Number of edits: 2,337


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